government employees

need some help due to the government shutdown?

Our thoughts are with government employees who are coping with the reality of their missed pay due to the government shutdown. We’re here to help. MyLoanSite hopes to lessen the financial impact on our affected customers while also providing individual assistance for their unique needs.

Because every situation is different, MyLoanSite is assessing the individual needs of customers who are employed by the Federal Government and impacted by the shutdown, and working with them on a solution. If you are a Federal employee impacted by the shutdown, have payment history on your loan that shows successful payments prior to December 15, 2018, and can provide evidence of hardship due to the shutdown, MyLoanSite, in its discretion, may be able to provide assistance with your current loan.

Please contact us at (844) 859-2652 to discuss loan extension, fee waivers, and other options to help you weather the storm.

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